Conquer MG Helps Support Those Living with Myasthenia Gravis

The Conquer Myasthenia Gravis (MG) organization helps facilitate the timely diagnosis and optimal care of those living with myasthenia gravis, working to improve their overall quality of life.

Below you’ll find some information Conquer MG provided about themselves for the MG community.

When was the Conquer MG organization founded?

Formerly known as the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of Illinois, Conquer MG was founded in 1972 by a group of people living with MG, family members, and physicians who believed patients needed to communicate with each other and have access to the most current information.

How many people does Conquer MG serve?

We serve approximately 4,000 people.

What area does Conquer MG operate in?

We are headquartered in Elmhurst, IL, and offer regional services primarily in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

How to get involved

What resources does your advocacy organization provide to its members, and what can a new member expect when they join?

Conquer MG provides new members with a digital toolkit via email, and printed resources can be requested. We respond to MG-related questions and connect those living with MG to both neurologists and others living with MG. We also offer seminars, webinars, a YouTube channel and newsletters to help share current MG information.

We also offer financial assistance for those who are eligible in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin and fund research for a cure through MGNet, a grouping of academia, patient advocacy groups and pharma.

How can people in the MG community get in touch with your advocacy organization’s leaders in their area so they can get involved?

Reach out via email at or by phone at 800-888-6208. We’d love to hear from people living with MG and their loved ones!

Does your advocacy organization include caregivers as members, and, if so, how are they involved?

At Conquer MG, caregivers attend (or run) support groups, write articles, act as the point of contact for family members and plan fundraising events.

What are ways that people can contribute to your advocacy organization? Do you have any urgent needs?

People living with MG and their loved ones can share their stories with us in writing or by video so we can let others know they’re not alone. Stories help us develop our newsletter, provide social media support and help with fundraising events.

Raising awareness for myasthenia gravis

Does Conquer MG host any annual events to raise awareness for myasthenia gravis?

We host the Viking Challenge for MG annually during the summer. The ninth annual Viking Challenge took place July 10-25, 2021, and participants set goals to walk, run, bike, swim or paddle virtually along a journey through Norway. Vikings demonstrate our desire to conquer MG, and throughout the challenge we visited one Viking site after another.

What is the most important message your advocacy organization has for someone living with MG?

First, you are not alone. Second, medical care for myasthenia gravis has come a long way in the last 50 years. Be assured that Conquer MG is willing to help you find answers and connect you with others who understand.

How have the needs of your advocacy organization and its members changed over time?

With the Internet, our members have easier access to content about myasthenia gravis and can tap into online support communities. It has become more important for Conquer MG to provide unbiased, non-monetized content and to identify resources that can be trusted.

What is one thing that makes your advocacy organization stand out?

We have a strong Medical Advisory Board that helps us find answers and develop content and resources that people living with MG and caregivers can trust. In addition to medical information, we also provide information on wellness.

Is there anything you wish more people knew about your advocacy organization?

Conquer MG has funded myasthenia gravis medical research for more than a decade. We’ve spent donor research dollars carefully and wisely to grow the MG medical community knowledge.


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