Connect with someone who gets it.

Let's support each other. Let's talk MG.

Whether you’re living with myasthenia gravis (MG) or supporting someone who is, Let’s Talk MG may be for you. In this mentorship program, you can virtually connect one-on-one with someone who gets it—an MG Guide, a person living with, or supporting someone with, MG. Share the challenges of your MG experience and hear personal insights that may help you better manage life with MG. Plus, get valuable resources to help have meaningful conversations with loved ones and your healthcare team.

See why Let’s Talk MG is for you

Why participate?


Connect one-on-one with an MG Guide virtually about your MG experiences, challenges and questions.


Learn how to set goals and better communicate about MG with exclusive tips and resources.


Share what you learned with your healthcare team and loved ones with an aim to help improve daily life with MG.

  1. Download the conversation guidebook to help prepare for your call and have meaningful discussions with your MG Guide.
  2. Schedule your intro call: We’ll reach out within one to two business days to set up your first MG Guide conversation! No action is needed from you until then.
  3. Choose a preferred method of communication with your MG Guide: phone or video call—whichever works for you.

Led by the MG community, for the MG community

Have you ever felt like no one understands what it’s like to be impacted by MG? You’re not alone! Let’s Talk MG Guides are people with diverse backgrounds and experiences living with MG and caring for people with MG—and they’re here to help you feel heard in a safe, understanding space.

Meet the MG Guides

All MG Guides are paid contributors to MG United.

Let’s Talk MG participants will not be able to choose their own MG Guide; rather, they will be matched with an MG Guide based on experience and availability. MG Guides are not medical experts and anything they discuss will be based on personal experiences. Available MG Guides are not limited to those shown above.