MG Illuminate Shines a National Spotlight on MG Awareness

This virtual event kicked off MG Awareness Month with an inspiring night of sessions, surprises and coast to coast landmark lightings.

MG Awareness Month started off with a bang last June 1st at MG Illuminate, a virtual event for the entire MG community. The two-hour online program featured engaging sessions and discussions, several big surprises and a light show in MG teal that stretched from sea to shining sea.

Lights! Landmarks! Teal!

Boston’s Zakim Bridge and the Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel kicked off a dramatic coast to coast lighting of landmarks in teal for MG Awareness Month. Be sure to check out all the landmark lightings on Facebook and Instagram.

MG United Launched Live to the MG Community

Katrina Gary of argenx provided a website tour, shared plans for future content and welcomed special guest Leah Gaitan-Diaz, the subject of MG United’s first “Real Stories” interview. “All this time I’ve been looking for a resource like MG United,” said Leah, “and I realized that MG United was looking for me, too.”

Patient-Doctor Team Makes a Dynamic Duo

MG support group leader Rachel Higgins and Dr Ericka P. Greene shared the stage for a fascinating Q&A session about the power of patient-doctor communications. They discussed how patients can feel more empowered in their MG management, advice on how to improve communication with a care team and much more.

MG support group leader Rachel Higgins and Dr Ericka P. Greene

My MG Sole Challenge Drives MG Awareness

Alicia Angel was a participant of the My MG Sole project and explained the moving story behind her artwork. She challenged her friend, Amy Zehner, to get in on the action using social media. “Come on Amy,” said Alicia, “we need to see your MG sole!”

Alicia Angel was a participant of the My MG Sole project

Filmmakers Give Inside Look at Upcoming MG Documentary

Director Ben Strang, along with producers Karen Carter and Caryn Capotosto, answered questions about the upcoming MG documentary and debuted its trailer. “What we really hope will come through,” said Ben, “is our immense love, respect and fascination with these stories.”

The Biggest MG Awareness Month Ever?

From landmark lightings to the My MG Sole Challenge on social media, a first-ever MG documentary series and the launch of MG United, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate MG Awareness month with the first-annual MG Illuminate. Check out the latest events and activities that have grown from this extraordinary event on MG United’s For the Community page.


Leah Gaitan-Diaz and the Empowerment of Positive Thinking<sup>*</sup>

Leah Gaitan-Diaz and the Empowerment of Positive Thinking*

MG United members share their stories. Leah Gaitan-Diaz discusses the importance of positivity when living with myasthenia gravis (MG).

My MG Sole Fights Coronavirus Blues with Kicky Art

My MG Sole Fights Coronavirus Blues with Kicky Art

This just-launched community art project lets us join together while staying apart.

Now Streaming: <em>A&nbsp;Mystery to&nbsp;Me</em>

Now Streaming: A Mystery to Me

A Mystery to Me is an award-winning documentary series about myasthenia gravis that reveals the hidden toll this unpredictable, unfair illness takes on three people who live with it every day.