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for Kicks on Rare Disease Day

We came together with former NFL running back Dexter Williams, his mother, Cheryl, and the rest of the MG community to tell our collective MG stories using art. Check out highlights of the event in the videos below, and then get started creating your own art.

My MG Solemates spotlight: Dexter and Cheryl Williams

Former Green Bay Packers running back Dexter Williams has always been close with his mother, Cheryl, as he pursued his lifelong dream of playing in the NFL. But her MG diagnosis brought them closer together.

They are each a rock for the other. Dexter used his mother’s battle with MG to fuel his NFL career, while Cheryl used his football journey as a reason to keep fighting. It’s why Dexter represented MG for this year’s My Cause My Cleats program and continues to advocate for the MG community today.

MG Solemates in action

Members of the MG community show off how they use art to tell their MG stories. Check out this video to get some inspiration for your own artwork!

Dexter and Cheryl Williams interview

NFL running back Dexter Williams and his mother, Cheryl, sit down to discuss their journey with MG and what makes them MG Solemates.

Marcus “Soles By Sir” Rivero interview

Shoe designer Marcus “Soles By Sir” Rivero tells us how he began crafting custom cleats for professional athletes to show that anyone can create art.

If you are part of the MG community, you have an important story to tell.

My MG Solemates uses art to express the stories of everyone in the MG community. It doesn’t matter if you’re an accomplished artist or haven’t painted anything since grade school—powerful stories can be told through all levels of art.

How to participate in My MG Solemates

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Get involved

Sign up and invite your family, supporter or MG support group to participate with you, or participate on your own. Every voice matters!


Choose your canvas

It can be a pair of shoes, a hat, a shirt or something else! You can also print one of our templates from the art kit or draw your own. Whatever you choose can help tell your story.


Tell your story

When you sign up you’ll receive some instructions and inspirational Story Starters to help with your design. Paint or draw your MG story, and then take a photo of your art and share it on social media with the #myMGsolemates hashtag.


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