MG Holistic Society Fosters Community for Those Living with Myasthenia Gravis

The MG Holistic Society aims to empower patients and improve life with myasthenia gravis.

Below you’ll find some information the MG Holistic Society provided about themselves for the myasthenia gravis (MG) community.

When was the MG Holistic Society founded?

The creation of the MG Holistic Society was a grassroots labor of love. Our CEO, Dawn Warner, established it in 2019 as a safe space to discuss natural health and wellness online. In 2020, she believes she achieved her sixth year of remission from MG with the help of holistic practices, and as she continued to share her story, she discovered many like-minded people with myasthenia gravis who were seeking holistic information about the disease and an avenue to share relevant resources.

Even when the COVID-19 pandemic brought most things to a halt, Dawn harnessed her decades of experience in the holistic medical field to fulfill her vision of a holistic organization. One clear takeaway was that holistic practices and health coaching would be fully embraced by the organization, and the MG Holistic Society would be dedicated to holistic wellness—this was a first for the MG community. Dawn, along with her advisors, identified the six key categories below for the MG Holistic Society, which were instrumental as the logo was being designed:

  1. Physical wellness
  2. Emotional wellness
  3. Spiritual balancing
  4. Access and advocacy
  5. Financial wellness
  6. Environmental wellness

How many people does the MG Holistic Society serve?

As we are still relatively new, the MG Holistic Society is actively growing our membership and social presence.

Where does the MG Holistic Society operate?

We are based in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

How to get involved

What resources does your advocacy organization provide to its members, and what can a new member expect when they join?

Our Vision Board program is a key initiative for us. The goal of the program is to help MG Warriors stay engaged in the community, improve their holistic activities of daily living and focus on the life they want to manifest. Participants are asked to enroll online at There are two surveys required as part of their participation, and materials will be mailed to them directly.

In May 2022, we will launch enrollment for our Farm to Table program, a project that is in partnership with a local organic farmer and wellness providers. Participants will start the day with light yoga and breathing exercises. Then, following a refreshment break, they will tour the farm, learn how to grow their own organic food and receive education on anti-inflammatory lifestyles and gut health. They will also cook a nutritious meal using items obtained from the farm and be able to take some home to start their own garden.

How can people in the MG community get in touch with your advocacy organization’s leaders in their area so they can get involved?

They can email us at or call us at (770) 227-7575.

What are ways that people can contribute to your advocacy organization? Do you have any urgent needs?

We welcome any of the following donations: Yoga mats, yoga blocks, glue sticks, paper, organic seeds, flash drives, journals, pens, travel-size hand sanitizer, gloves, N95 masks, water, Amazon gift cards and COVID-19 testing kits.

Raising awareness for myasthenia gravis

Does the MG Holistic Society host any annual events to raise awareness for myasthenia gravis?

We dine out for MG fundraisers at local restaurants. Our original 2022 date for this was unfortunately put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are working to reschedule, so please check our website for updated information on event dates.

Another event coming up, however, is MG Fest! Our goal is to have an annual MG festival for our community to gather with music and food, while discovering holistic tools and more.

Is there a story you’d like to share about a time your advocacy organization helped members of the MG community?

We have a wellness team dedicated to helping people living with MG, who can answer questions concerning nutrition. One story we have is when we were contacted by someone who was seeking MG solutions for her mother. She had questions about how to find quality ingredients and what her mother could eat. One of our health coaches ended up working with her to help design a plan for her mother’s needs and provide a list of vendors that offer quality ingredients.

What is one thing that makes your advocacy organization stand out?

We have our own lane, as holistic wellness is our driving force. We are for adults only but fully embrace diversity of all forms; for instance, we offer a support group for people in the LGBTQIA community living with myasthenia gravis.


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