MG Illuminate
5 Years and Forward

The community celebrated MG Illuminate’s fifth anniversary with key resources and a special Landmark Lighting!

MG Illuminate 2024: 5 Years and Forward was hosted by Evan,* an MG support group leader who lives with myasthenia gravis (MG). He was joined by several other MG community members who celebrated the evolution of key MG resources that were created in collaboration with the MG community in the following areas:

Vanetta stretching

Physical well-being

Vanetta,* a certified personal trainer who lives with MG, gave a sneak peek of the latest MG-friendly stretching exercise video. The video features stretching routines led by Vanetta herself, as well as an appearance from John,* who also lives with MG and is passionate about his physical well-being.

Illustration of MG-ADL scale

Understanding MG’s effects

Kathi,* an MG support group leader living with MG, discussed how symptom tracking with the Myasthenia Gravis Activities of Daily Living (MG-ADL) scale may support a better understanding of MG’s effects on the body. She introduced the interactive MG-ADL tool that can be used to discover your current score and track progress, and also shared an animated video that explains how the MG-ADL scale works.

Let’s Talk MG logo

Community support

Leah,* an MG support group leader who lives with MG, and Octavio,* her husband and supporter, spoke about the importance of community support to help achieve a greater everyday with MG. They also highlighted Let’s Talk MG, a mentorship program to virtually connect, one-on-one, with an MG Guide—someone living with, or supporting someone with, MG.

Woman scrolling through MG United Video Hub on laptop

MG videos

Courtney,* a certified life coach and reiki master, and Nicola,* an actor, both of whom live with MG, talked about the 50+ MG videos available to help you on your MG journey. They noted the wide variety of topics these MG videos cover, from real MG stories to roundtable discussions, and how they can all be found on the MG United Video Hub.

Let’s Cook logo

Nutritional wellness

John, featured in the stretching exercise video, and his daughter and supporter, Whitney,* introduced the Let’s Cook series: a one-stop shop for finding MG-friendly recipes, cooking videos, nutritional tips and more. This includes the Let’s Cook recipe finder, a quiz that identifies MG-friendly recipes based on your personal symptoms and meal preferences. As a professional chef herself, Whitney emphasized the importance of finding modifications to help make cooking easier for those living with MG.

The show concluded with the annual Landmark Lighting, a tradition of spreading MG awareness by lighting up U.S. landmarks in teal. To make the fifth anniversary extra special, this year’s Landmark Lighting also featured members of the MG community lighting up their own personal landmarks—making it the most widespread demonstration of MG awareness yet!

Watch the full show below:


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Start Exploring the MG United Video Hub

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The Benefits of MG Symptom Tracking with the MG-ADL Scale

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